The Story Behind The Project


Hello, my name is Eric Villiard from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I’m the father of two little boys, Hugo & Thomas. And I am the proud founder of the Montreal-Made, Play Snow Igloo Structure!
I really love playing outside with my children…
A few years ago, after failing to build an igloo with the heavy snow we had just received early December, I got the idea to produce a honeycomb structure that is strong enough to resist the weight of heavy snow. SAFE FOR MY CHILDREN TO PLAY UNDERNEATH. Since then, I’ve collaborated with renowned engineers to conceive the structure here at home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


At the age of ten, an igloo collapsed on my back and I was found crushed under the snow by my rescuing father. I’ll never forget it!


I think it’s fair to say that in my youth, my parents prevented me from building such igloos because snow can be dangerous. But with the solid structure I have conceived, SAFE IGLOOS ARE NOW MADE POSSIBLE. Plus, the kids can climb on top of it and they love that.


In the Summer we pack it with grass and in the Fall we stuff it with autumn leaves. Fun all year long!



About The Founder


As a former athlete and member of the Canadian alpine ski team, I assure you I have spent my fair share of time enjoying winter all around the world, racing on world cup circuits. 3 world championships later, I caught mononucleosis and missed my chance at winning the elusive Olympic gold medal. But you know what? You can take the athlete out of the Olympics but you can’t take the Olympic dream out of the athlete!
After my ski career, I went back to University to get a degree in business: administration, marketing and finance, and have worked in sales for active brands such as Nike, Fischer skis and Louis Garneau Sports Wear. Here I am now, DEDICATING THIS STARTUP PROJECT TO MY FAMILY AND TO YOURS.
My passion for winter fun has resulted in very hard work to develop the PLAY SNOW IGLOO STRUCTURE because I care about the safety of our children when they play outside. I also want to encourage every parent who had to buy winter boots one day in their lives.

Thank you for supporting our project!

From my family to yours,
Eric Villiard