Igloo Bundle 3

$US 1,599.00 $US 1,499.00

3 Igloos + 3 extra connecting doors: WE’RE THROWING YOU A PARTY !

  • 4.5 ft diameter Igloo Structure
  • Made in Canada
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Shipping included anywhere in Canada
  • Delivery within 3 – 8 days with Loomis Express

Click Here to Download the User Guide

Click Here to Download the Installation Manual


In this BUNDLE: 3 igloos + 3 extra connecting doors

The Play Snow IGLOO structure measures 4.5 feet in diameter by 3.5 feet in height and can withstand over 1000 pounds (454kg) of heavy snow.

Ps. Rivets are included with each igloo. If you want spare rivets, you can buy them separately on our website.

Thank you for supporting our project, ENJOY!!!


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