We have created very solid igloo structures to withstand the weight of heavy snow, for children and the whole family to safely play under them.


As a former athlete and member of the Canadian alpine ski team, I assure you I have spent my fair share of time enjoying winter all around the world in the racing of the world’s top circuits. 3 world championships later, I caught mononucleosis and missed my chance at winning the elusive Olympic gold medal.
But you know what? You can take the athlete out of the Olympics but you can’t take the Olympic dream out of the athlete!
After my ski career, I went back to the University to get a degree in business; administration, marketing and finance, and have been working in sales for active brands such as Nike, Fischer skis and Louis Garneau ever since.
Here I am now, dedicating this startup project to my family and to yours! My passion for winter fun has resulted in very hard work to develop PLAY SNOW because I care about the safety of our children playing outside. I also want to encourage every parent who had to buy winter boots one day in their lives. #playsnow



This year, think outside the box and surprise someone special by offering this wonderful gift. They will love it, guaranteed !


A sturdy backyard accessory that is safe to secure snow habitats and protect your kids. Unstable snow is dangerous, may your dream-like villages collapse no more !


For hours and hours of time well spent outside with the whole family. Go ahead, have your snow fight. After all, It’s the most wonderful time of the year! #playsnow


The founder Eric Villiard, father of two young boys, former skiing athlete and member of the World Cup, refers the project to the film The Dog that Stopped The War, «La Guerre des Tuques», whose storyline reflects upon the risks of playing in unstable snow.
The idea to create a secure snow habitat came to mind one day from a traumatizing past experience. At the age of ten, an igloo collapsed on young Eric where he was found crushed under the snow by his rescuing father.
«As parents, we know that children love to play outside, why stop them or worry about it. My goals are to encourage families to stay active during winter, to protect the whole family from hazardous snow falls and to create magical moments that will last.»
Two prototypes of PLAY SNOW have been designed —an igloo and a castle— and created with industrial designers of Montreal. A proud Quebecer, Canadian-made product!
«We have excellent laboratories here in Montreal for plastic, allowing us to produce locally and to ensure a maximum quality control of our product. The two irreproachable values of this project!»


Thank you for your interest & support, KEEP IN TOUCH!


     Montréal, Canada




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